My name is Frankenstein, or Stein for short.  It was a name given to me by my affable asshole godfather because of what an ugly baby I was.  True story.  A lot of people say that’s mean, but I don’t think it is.  My derby name is Stein.   Starting in 2013 I played for the Roller Girls of the Apocalypse, based in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  I’m currently working with the Maniac Monsterz Mainz as their coach and trainer. I fucking my Monsters so much.  Also, I love teaching people.

I started this blog with the intention of outlining strategy and general derby goodness so as to expand my knowledge of roller derby.   I don’t expect anyone to actually look at this (though somehow it shows up if you Google hard enough), but if someone is getting something out of what I write, then I’m all about it.  As one derby sister to another, I’m all about helping each other out.  If you have something you want to know about or want to see me discuss, shoot me a message and I’ll start researching stuff to make a post.

There is a caveat, though, that it may take a while.  But I love helping people and would love to research, ask people and offer my insight about any  particular skill people are having trouble with.

Also, fair warning: I like to cuss.  Sometimes when I say ‘fuck you’ I mean ‘fuck you’, other times when I say ‘fuck you’ I mean ‘I love you’.  I’ll let you be the judge.


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