July’s Roller Charity

For those of you who read my last blog entry about charity, it’s not news that our roller derby league sponsors a charity every bout we have.  We host a raffle with donated prizes at every bout and give the money to our chosen charity.  Our last bout was St. Baldrick’s, which I shaved my head for. Our league raised about 4,800 US dollars for the charity, which is pretty stellar.

Since I’m officially the Roller Girls of the Apocalypse Events Charity Organizer (I just get shit together for the charities) I’ll be regularly posting every charity we do, just in case someone finds it a worthy enough cause to donate.

At this upcoming bout in July, we’ve chosen to raise money for a cause closer to home.  One of our league member’s son was diagnosed recently with autism, and they’re trying to get him a service dog to help him cope with his autism.  I don’t know if you know this, but getting a service dog is fucking expensive.  Six thousand Euro was the estimate she gave me.  Since I don’t have hair at the moment to shave for this cause, we’re putting a lot into the raffle and online fundraising.  If you’re interested in helping a roller derby sister out, here’s her online fundraising page:


Her goal on the fundraising page is only $4,000, which isn’t the full cost of the service dog.  Hopefully we can surpass her goal and her son can get his service dog.

As always thanks for reading, and extra thanks if you donate.


Until next time,



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